How to increase your IQ ?

In your day to day life, you must have come across various people with high IQ. It comes as a surprise when you meet such people with great knowledge about almost everything in this universe. Some call them nerd while some call them ultimate geniuses. Some people don’t really go by intelligence, but they only look for personal development. When we talk to such people with high IQ, we wonder if we could be like them. We search for various possible ways in order to improvise our IQ and be as great as them.

We can boost our IQ and we can improve our intelligence with the help of good intellectual training. There are various ways by which you can work on the most crucial skills which are ultimately related to the human intelligence. IQ is basically the measure of a person’s intelligence and potential level.

There are various reasons and ways by which your IQ can be great or can be made better. Parents and your genes play a major role in your IQ and intelligence. The parenting style influences your IQ level and also the games that you choose on playing will also have a big impact on your IQ. The nutrition that you intake help in building a well efficient brain and it will also help you in memorizing very well.

Various memory activities like jigsaw puzzles, crossword games, card games and various other games which require a lot of concentration will always help in improving your memory. Also it will help in increasing your knowledge and thinking power.

Complex activities like executive management and regulation will help in improving the human intelligence. Such activities include scrabble, brainteasers and Pictionary. It is because it is linked with fluid reasoning and improvises the mental health.

Always train your memory and executive control will help you in boosting your intelligence levels. It is advisable that your brain should always engage in thoughtful activities and learn new skills which will help in keeping your brain active.

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