How to control anxiety attack?

Anxiety attacks are sudden and are never invited. People with panic attacks might face difficulty in breathing and heart pounding. Being anxious is a very normal emotion, yet people have termed it as an abnormal mental situation which makes the case even worse. Different people have different fears and uncertainties which they always have in the mind. This feeling makes your life difficult and you start to face problems.

When you are very uncertain about something, it creates a sense of nervousness and anxiety in your mind. Anxiety comprises of tension, worried thoughts and might even lead to physical symptoms like increase in blood pressure. It is true that panic or anxiety attacks might be scary, but some of them also face pain in chest and sort of detachment from the reality.

People having high level of anxiety disorder require processed medication and proper medical attention. It is important to maintain calmness and peace of mind. When a person facing frequent anxiety attacks feel some kind of danger, there is a sudden rush of adrenalin which causes triggers in their brain. Anxieties can be caused due to any sort of tension. Deep breathing in and out through your mouth and feeling the air slowly will help in controlling the hyperventilating issues.

It is important that you start recognizing the panic attacks. It will be helpful if you start reminding yourself that it is temporary and will go away soon will help you in calming yourself. It will also help you in recognizing other symptoms and will help you overcome anxiety attack.

Nausea is also a very big and common symptom which is related to anxiety disorders. The most common symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder are restlessness, feelings of worry which aren’t under control, frequent irritation, not able to concentrate and also sleep difficulties.

Muscle relaxation techniques can be implemented in order to gain control over anxiety. It will help in controlling your body’s response and will be most effective if you practised any time before.

These approaches will be beneficial in short as well as long run. It will help you in gaining calmness and some psychiatry help from good and established practitioners is always advisable.


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