How mental health affects physical health ?

Expressing human emotions is a natural way of speaking out about what you actually feel and what you are thinking. There are various emotions which a human being can express throughout a day. Mental illness is an issue which is widely discussed. It is a very critical condition which some people face in their life. Coming out of such mental illness is a major recovery.

It is very important to understand what mental illness is. There are times when people are experiencing certain kind of emotional, physical or sometimes even psychological distress which they at times don’t share with others. It is just them who are going through such phase and they avoid sharing it with others. When a human being is going through such situation, the most important thing that he or she needs is utmost care and understanding. It’s not an illness, it is a condition.

It is very true that the mental health is very much connected to the physical health. The link between the mental health and the physical health is in longevity. If you are mentally happy and well, it will surely reflect on your physical health. If you are sad and depressed, you refuse to have proper food and won’t take care of your health. That is when the mental health impacts the physical health.

The mental health foundation has found out that people with schizophrenia have tripled risk of dying from respiratory diseases. Depression has been linked with many major health issues and has a significant impact on the victim’s health.

Optimism is very important in order to ensure a good health. Positive emotions and thoughts correlate with cardiovascular health and it can also lead to betterment of the person’s health. It is very important to keep your mind calm and positive in order to get rid of various diseases.

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