Hearing voices in your head

Auditory hallucinations which is also known as hearing voices in head in simple language, comes along with the other mental disorders like bipolar disorder, personality disorder, depression and anxiety problems. The auditory hallucinations are never uncommon as we would have imagined. These problems are commonly faced by the victims during certain period of times. Such as while sleeping or when you wake up suddenly.

There are various types when we talk about auditory hallucinations. For example there was a case where the patient was able to hear the scratching of the rats behind his ears. Strange! Isn’t it? Second case where a man could hear a woman screaming outside his apartment and she was screaming for help. It is not necessary that all the people who are suffering from auditory hallucinations face the same voices. It may vary from person to person.

The voices will start gradually and then end after some time. Some people can hear their own names or can listen to voices talking about that person itself. It sounds scary, true that. But imagine the situation and condition of the person facing this issue.

People with this problem can hear various voices and noises which might increase in volume and can be more persuasive at times. They can hear various sounds and voices like thumping music themes or people blasting their order or comments on you or others talking about you in such a way as if you weren’t present there.

Many psychologists have revealed that the voices might order you to do totally nonsense things. Such as taking a glass of water and pour it over your head. If other people watch you doing it, they will find it totally crazy and might think you are out of your senses. The voices will make the patient totally distracted and so overwhelmed that you are at that point of your life where you need to follow their orders.

It is our responsibility to show some humanity and cope up well with the people facing auditory hallucinations. The patients should never lose hope , but they should discuss it with their loved ones who will help them to develop strategies to cure the illness.

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