Emotional Dysregulation

In our life, we might have come across people with peculiar behaviours. They will feel happy at one time and the other moment they might feel emotional or extremely sad about something. Such people don’t have total control over their emotions and that’s why they are termed as hyperactive people. They cannot regulate their emotional responses or behaviours. These people might be exposed to certain conflicts in their relationships or some personal criticism they would have faced or some kind of abandonment.

People with such kind of disorders like emotional dysregulation will react in a very emotionally exaggerated manner. Their challenges are overacting, bursts of anger, crying or accusing. All these kinds of behavioural traits will only lead to chaos or some kind of conflicts. Also these features are the results of high conflict personality.

It is a fact that emotional dysregulation can be caused only in case if the victim has faced some kind of intense problems with his or her close human beings. They can be close friends or relatives or their own family members. Hence emotional dysregulation is totally relational.

The major cause of emotional dysregulation is a large percentage of psychological illness or some sort of psychiatric disorders. These can also lead to certain types of personality issues. People with this mental illness are usually emotionally unstable.

People with this kind of illness can be easily recognized by excessive fear, anxiety, anger and sadness. Some of their actions might be life threatening and might even harm someone else’s feelings.

The treatment for this mental disorder varies depending on the severity of the illness. Dialectical behavioural therapy has shown excellent results and the patients have recovered with learning in a better way o control their life and their emotions.

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