Derren Brown Mind Tricks – It Will Blow Your Mind

Derren Brown is a completely unique force in the world of illusion – he’ll outwardly foretell and control human behaviour. He does not claim to be a mind-reader, instead he describes his craft as a mix of wizardry, idea, psychology, misdirection and showmanship through his mastery of mind tricks.

Whatever you select to name it, his unique performances dazzle and upset all people who watch him. He’s famous for his giant television specials, and letting his spectators know what truly occurred and the way in which the tricks were performed at the end of the show.

On the fifth of October 2003 Derren Brown performed ‘Russian Roulette’ which was broadcast live on Britain’s Channel four. This is the supreme mind trick, because if he fails he hazards his life. But Derren Brown mind tricks are among the best in the world.

This occurred at a secret location as Britain doesn’t allow possession of firearms.

A volunteer named James was chosen out of twelve thousand candidates who asked for the job. James was asked to load a revolver with a single shot into one of the 6 numbered chambers.

Then Brown asked him to select one of those numbers, keep them to oneself, select one, it’s not relevant which one it is, agree on a number, are you thinking about one now. Then Brown proceeded to pull the trigger of chambers three and four with the gun pointed to his head.

Then he seemed to have selected chamber five and fired it away from himself at a bottle of water which exploded. The show was met with lots of rumpus but Brown protected himself by claiming “it likely sounds peculiar. But as a magic-related performer, to have that even being asked: Was it real? Was it not real? That lifts it to a level that I am exceedingly comfortable with. What’s left is the proven fact that it absolutely was a superb piece of TV.”

Again Derren Brown mind tricks outperformed the critics. Another complicated television special done by Derren Brown was titled Seance. In this TV special he enrolled the help of scholars from the Roehampton College. They were brought to Elton Hall in East London as he explained this place was swarming with paranormal activity as twelve people killed themselves here as a part of a group suicide deal.

He then proceeded to execute the first part of the seance. He showed them techniques utilised by any ordinary spiritualist would employ. The scholars were shown footage of the supposed twelve folks who stopped their life there.

All ten scholars selected the image of a girl named Jane. Brown then continued to use the ouija board which as you’d guess spelled out the name J A N E. Then a couple of the scholars were asked to name of a town, and both students said London.

Ultimately the seance itself was performed with one of the scholars being possessed by Jane, giving details of her life, which were then confirmed by showing them a short video of Jane and her life.

At the end of the program Brown explained the cunning that had ensued and how he was in a position to pull off a stunt like this.

Derren Brown mind tricks are regarded as different to the other mentalists out there as he’s not scared to attribute his capabilities to his understanding of the human psyche, instead of that of mystical abilities. His performances are always mesmerizing to observe and you’ll always know how he performs them at the end of the show, which some folks do not like as they might rather be mystified than know the way to the trick.

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