Causes of Personality disorder

People with personality disorders are hard to deal with but then we can cope up with them and be with them in the healing process. This mental illness causes an unhealthy pattern of thinking and behaving. They face problems in understanding a particular situation and also they can’t easily relate to what people are saying or trying to make them understand. The personality disorder can also led to limitations in social mingling, school activities, making friends and taking life decisions.

People facing personality disorder might never witness that they are having this problem because the way they behave seems very natural to them. It might also lead them to blame others for the challenges that they are facing in their life.

Personality disorder will start in the early teenage years and adulthood. The symptoms show out very slowly. People with this mental illness can also represent another personality along with their own. It can scare their close ones but it’s better to stay with them so as to protect them before the illness takes toll on their life.

This order is recognized by characteristics like eccentric thinking or behaviour. They will have constant distrust and suspicion on others and their motives. They won’t be satisfied with others loyalty. Their reactions will be very hostile to insults and perceived slights.

People with personality disorders have lack of interests in social as well as their personal relationships. Even if they are willing to take pleasure in most activities and the worst part is that these people are always cold with others.

It is true that personality disorder might disrupt the lives of both the affected person as well as the family members and people who are really close to them. Social isolation is the worst impact of personality disorder.


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